COVID-19 Precautions: Call Me Vigilant. Call Me 'Crazy'. But Hey - I'm Trying To Do What I Can.

With so many unknowns with the COVID-19 virus right now, I'm trying to be as vigilant as possible in how I handle everything. That definitely includes how I am handling and shipping products ordered through this store.

At a minimum, your order is treated as carefully as I would hope an order was treated if my own mother was receiving it. 

I know. This all sucks and I may be over doing it (some may say 'crazy) - BUT - I want to do everything I can within my power to ensure I am not getting sick or putting others at risk while keeping afloat.

Here is a list of the precautions I'm taking during the receiving and shipping process for ALL products ordered through this store:

  1. When I receive products from the warehouses, boxes are wiped and disinfected before bringing them into my home.

  2. Then, I wait at least 72 hrs before unpacking the boxes (CDC's recommendation).

  3. Before your products (or anyone's for that matter) are picked for your order, I have on a face mask, my hands are washed, sanitized and I put on gloves.

  4. Each product is then wiped down with sanitary wipes that contain the CDC's recommended 70% alcohol, then placed in the shipping package. 

  5. The package is then wiped and placed in a plastic tote - which has also been wiped with sanitary wipes - with other packages that have gone through the same sanitization process.

  6. If I am personally dropping your order at your door, click here to read the additional measures I'm taking to reduce any risk during the Personal Delivery process.

  7. If I am shipping the product to you via mail, your product is not removed from the tote until I am at USPS, FedEx or UPS facility. When the packages are removed from the tote, my hands have been sanitized and placed in gloves as they are handed over.