*Sane* Hair During Crazy Times

Hair probably isn't your top priority right now - so - these products should make living with that wild mane quite a bit easier.

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Hair Products Personally Delivered For Raleigh/Durham, NC!

Delivery times through the mail are a bit sporadic right now. As a courtesy to all of my friends from my salon, Dolled Up in Raleigh, you have the option of having me personally drop orders off on your doorstep.

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My Extra Precautions On Packaging Due To COVID-19

 I'm doing my best to ensure every product is sterilized and remains clean throughout the delivery process.   

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Emergency Root "Hider"

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Best Seller: Keeping frizz-free hair all summer

Shampoos and Conditioners

Your one-stop shop for shampoo and conditioner that adds vitamins to your hair without containing harmful sulfates, parabens, or silicones.

These products won't strip color from your hair and it never gets 'weighed down'.

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Styling Products for Women

Products that actually do what they claim to do!

These smoothing creams actually smoothen your hair. These volumizers actually add volume. 

Suddenly, it just got fun and easy to be creative with your hair.

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Manly Man Styling Products

Exactly what most men want in a styling product:

The product makes getting your hair exactly as you want - quick and easy. 

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What Can "We" Do?

While COVID-19 has really spiked the punch bowl for all of us right now, let's try to all remain cool to each other and get through this weird time together. 

I'm trying to find some creative ways to continue to serve not only the guests of Dolled Up, but the entire community as a whole. 

If you have any ideas or you're up to something yourself that you think is helping people out, I'd love to hear about it. 

Drop me a note on Facebook, and tell me all about it:

- Heather Salisbury
Dolled Up